Friday, September 10, 2010


Up to yesterday when I read the news in the Corriere della Sera, there were still lingering doubts in my mind if Wayne Rooney really deserved to be included in this blog (We've featured him before, see here ). Sometimes, I find him cute, but most of the times, not. However, the fact that the researcher came up with so many pictures showing him scratching his crotch did it. Either he's got a chronic fungal infection or his cock is normally restive. Visions of a heterosexual athlete's cock conquering slutty damsels always do the trick. There's something compelling about horny real men. Rooney is married but when his wife was pregnant, he had an affair with a call girl in Manchester who later decided to cash in on her good fortune by telling it all to the News of the World. Read it all here (English), here ( Italian, with a nice video report) and here (French, with video). I included the Latin takes on the gossip because they are naturally more ficconoso (nosy) so you get the more delicious nuances of a gossip.

Other article on Mickey Rooney:

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