Sunday, September 5, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Thomas Muller of Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

It's silent in the French front. I mentioned before that my French friend Yves & his wife both cruise university jocks together. Unknown to the wife, Yves was also cruising a female model on the side & the wife discovered. He can do boys but definitely no girls. Yves is playing good boy these days- no other boys or girls, only the wife. I hope their little war won't get protracted. Many opportunities to get horny may be unnecessarily wasted.

Not to worry, Hans recommended many German cuties for our enjoyment. We have here 20 year-old Thomas, a star of the German team in the recent World Cup in South Africa. The current wunderkind of German fussball.

Let's celebrate straight boy Thomas:

His 2010 World Cup goals in South Africa

His major goals for 2010

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