Sunday, September 19, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Marco Borriello of AS Roma, on loan from AC Milan, Serie A

One of the more interesting figures in Sports anywhere. He has a Cinderella story- he grew up in the slums of Naples, but he earned fame & fortune through Soccer. All of Italy were updated on his personal life (what do you expect living in paparazzi central is like?) & it was against the backdrop of his professional success that a country watched his personal (romantic) setbacks live on TV- his first love & fidanzata for 6 years , an Argentine who became a media celebrity in Italy, Belen Rodriguez, two-timed him live on camera in the Italian celebrity reality show called Isola dei Famosi. There were also bumps in his professional career afterwards, primarily attributed to his emotional problems. Then there was an injury which sidelined him for some time, losing his position in the Italian national team. He's regaining his footing again- dreaming to rejoin the Nationale, still looking for love, & that assures us that the telenovela that is Marco Borriello will not end just yet. The Italian paparazzi is just waiting to keep us on the details...

celebrating sexy straight Marco:

shirtless on the field

Swiss (Lugano) singer Paolo Meneguzzi's Una Regola d'Amore is the soundtrack of this video which gives us a peek at the telenovela that is Marco Borriello's lovelife

This post is one of the most enjoyable I've done. I'm going to cap it off with another of Paolo Meneguzzi's songs, one of my favorite songs & there are many- I collect songs in the 7 languages I speak, but this one lingered long after its release in 2007.

Musica-Paolo Meneguzzi