Wednesday, September 29, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Juan Manuel Leguizamon of Stade Francais, Top 14

My Buenos Aires sojourn has been a parade of delicious heterosexual Argentine prime beef so far. Johnny Boy picked the menu so to speak, anyway he knows my taste, just as I would pick the menu when he visits LA, I know his taste. We're that close. He made me feel guilty though about my frequent visits to Europe (Italy, particularly) by offering me incredibly tall, handsome dudes all with Italian-sounding family names. They were not the usual hustlers, far from it (I saw one once in the Internet), probably did it only on special occasions. I told Doña Juanita he didn't have to impress me but was I really impressed. That's the only thing you need in life: real friends with taste (And money, of course).

6'3", 100 kg., the 27-year old Argentine Puma just transferred to Stade Francais from London Irish. Let's see if he'll show in Dieux du Stade 2011 what he hid behind a dark boxer last year (caps from DDS 2010 below).

UPDATE: Elsewhere in this blog, you will see that we've already "discovered" 3 frontal nudities in DDS 2011, hopefully Juan Manuel will be as generous as Alexis Palison, Armand Battle & Adil Rami in the DVD. For DDS updates, see here

celebrating sexy straight Juan Manuel:

his voice


dds 2010 clip

The best rock music was done between 1980 & 2000 & I'm always on the look-out for the old hits. I discovered the Latin-American Rock legend Soda Stereo in one of my frequent trips to Argentina in the early 2000's. The clip below was taken in 1987 yet, at a time when the group was rocking the Spanish-speaking world big-time. The group has since disbanded, the second clip is a more recent work of the former vocalist, & now soloist, Gustavo Cerati. Nice background music while imagining naked Argentine ruggers.

Persiana-Americana- Soda Stereo

Amo Dejarte Asi- Gustavo Cerati

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