Monday, September 27, 2010

GODS OF ICE HOCKEY: Vincent Lecavalier of Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL

Practically almost all of the good-looking men in Ice Hockey are Quebecois of French extraction, & has that typically French "clean, cute" look which has been missing from most of the French athletes coming out of France itself. Vincent, of course, is one of the sexiest in Ice Hockey, a true blue Quebecois, & we get to enjoy him here. Touche!

celebrating sexy straight Vincent:

Top Goals

a sexy man in action: a brawl in the rink

Quebec is not only a land of delicious straight men but also of beautiful music. To keep up with the good mood, here's one of my favorite bands, which is based in Montreal, Arcade Fire, & one of my favorite Francophone singers, Garou. Both old songs, but down at the bottom is the Best Original Song for 2010 by the French Grammy, Victoires de la Musique. Kinda teeny-bopper at first impression, but try to focus on the sensitivity of the emotions, it's a timeless tune. By another Quebecois making waves in the Francophone music world, Coeur de Pirate.

Rebellion (Lies)- Arcade Fire

Sous Le Vent- Garou, with Celine Dion

Comme Des Enfants- Coeur de Pirate

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