Monday, September 6, 2010

GODS OF ICE HOCKEY: Antoine Vermette of Columbus Blue Jackets, NHL

Living in melting pots, the nationals of France & Italy show a multi-varied spectrum of facies. However, there are certain facial features which when you see one makes you more or less definite that a particular person is either Italian or French. For the Italians, it's that typical Tuscan marble-like profile with a characteristic sultry orbital set-up (which I arbitrarily call the Florentine eyes). For the French, it's that characteristic clean & cute face with as clean & cute typical ocular gaze set-up that you can see exhibited by the likes of Audrey Toutou, Jacqueline Onassis & the cute rural boys of Quebec. It seems it's more concentrated in Quebec than in Paris itself. Perhaps it's a common gene prevalent in a region of France where the Quebecois migrants came from. Some dancers in Stockbar in Montreal have them. So does Antoine Vermette. Those cute French eyes & face of his make Antoine the cutest guy in NHL, if not in all Sports. I get speechless looking at these photos.

Let's celebrate straight boy Antoine:

Antoine being cute in an interview:

Antoine cutely doing his thing on the ice:

Antoine cutely executing a shootout goal:

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