Monday, September 13, 2010

GODS OF FOOTBALL: Brady Quinn of Denver Broncos, NFL

6'3'', 236 pounds (with a remarkable 5 percent body fat), Brady Quinn has all the Irish luck physically. The veritable poster boy of American Sports (despite Tom Brady, may I hazard to say). I wonder what would've happened if he was born British growing up to become a top Rugby player. One day, he was sure to be spotted by one of the eagle-eyed girls at the British Cosmo. I bet they'd automatically be busy getting him out of his clothes. Just imagine... one particularly depressing day, you perfunctorily open the Cosmo, look lazily at the centerfold then, suddenly, right there, voila...

Read interview at Men's Health Magazine , video below.

celebrating sexy straight Brady:

Men's Health Behind-the-Scenes video

As a Fighting Irish

watch for his crooked smile at 0:54 min, tell me if that isn't the sexiest smile you'll ever see

Browns Debut


watch Muscle & Fitness video here

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