Saturday, September 18, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Who Will Go Full-Frontal?

I guess, I might as well ask the question foremost in every afficionado's mind. The names of the players have been finally released, but only the dudes below are stoking my hormones, so to speak. I have to admit it's not very encouraging. So many British Rugby players bared partially last year in the usually reliable local publications, they're supposed to go full-monty in Dieux du Stade- but where are they? Gonzalo Tiesi bared for the British Cosmo early on, I just wish he won't cover anything this time around, but I very much was expecting that his companions in that Cosmo shoot would be invited as well (David Strettle, for one). Many of the guys who couldn't be separated from their boxers last year have been invited again- what, to let them vindicate themselves? (did they?). Thom Evans has left Rugby so Sean Lamont is left all alone to defend the flag of Scotland- Hugo Southwell is the only Scot in the bunch, I just hope he upholds Scot pride this year (did he?). The most promising is the French contingent actually- my instinct is telling me the French have decided it's their time to imprint again their mark on a very French enterprise. My bets are on Alexis Pallisons, Pascal Pape & Adil Rami.

If 4 of the guys below will go full-frontal, it will be a masterpiece.

Ops, I must pretend I am also curious about the artistry of the product. But then again, that's a given. Francois Rousseau did it, remember?

1. Joe Van Niekerk- this time around, he better remove those boxers, he may yet steal the thunder from this year's DDS if he does ( did he?)

2. Alexis Palisson- his dick was practically showing thru the wet cloth in the Duran book, he might as well snatch the glory & not be a mere character actor in the DDS saga. If anybody French could duplicate the heights of Frederic Deltour, it's this one.

3. Maxime Mermoz- he wasn't photographed well in DDS 2008, I just hope Francois Rousseau captured his tremendous sex appeal

4. Tom Palmer

5. Pascal Pape- will he? Did he? It's been a long time since a French became the star of DDS. Pascal has the creds.

6. Hugo Southwell- a Scot should be doing the really delicious things every year. This is the only Scot this year, may I emphasize that fact. That carries so many possibilities, some very delicious..

7. James Haskell

8. Juan Manuel Leguizamon- Che, que tal? Vas a mostrar algo delicioso?

9. Gonzalo Tiesi- Che, que pasa, vas a llevar arriba la bandera?

10. Adil Rami- Football- supposed to have been voted by the readers of the French gay magazine, Tetu as the Ligue 1's Most Sexy Player. I don't quite agree with the choice, but still, he's quite sexy alright. And I want this one to show, and since the Beurs generally have to fight with everything they've got to get ahead, he may yet follow Benoit Bouzakhri's feats last year. But then again, do Soccer players ever venture that far? I guess that's the greatest suspense in this year's rather lackluster line-up

11. Iwo Kitzinger- the Polish basketball player we featured here

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