Tuesday, September 21, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Gonzalo Tiesi of Stade Francais, Top 14 (ARGENTINA STRAIGHT BOY COCKHUNT)

My assistants are really very efficient: they've already drafted 60 articles & about 35 are already pre-programmed for release. But we're inserting Gonzalo, one of the few really delicious guys in the upcoming Dieux du Stade 2011. Well, we've already seen him naked in a photoshoot with fellow Harlequins (his former team) players before (photo below). We will get to see more of him when the Dieux du Stade 2011 calendar is released at the end of the month. His fellow Argentinians are now giddy with excitement, at least my Argentine friend Juan is. In Buenos Aires, many have this fetish on rugbistas that when ordering escorts, you can specify to your pimp you want a rugbista type. He'll gladly comply, the locals are avid consumers of rugbistas so they have several in stock. By the time you read this article, I'll be in Buenos Aires. Yup, it's quarterly straight guy cockhunt time again, & I'll do it in Argentina this time around. I'll stay away from the cheap mass gay tourist routes though. I trust Juan, a macho-looking straight-rugbista-loving Argentinian, whom I call privately as Doña Juanita or Lady Joanna ( I consider him a sister after all, & we are both only into straight guys). We both don't bother coming-out but who says we aren't enjoying the really delicious straight boys? He'll inherit one of the biggest Argentine fortunes one of these days & he'll marry the daughter of one of the local elites next year. I heard he prepared some local straight boys for my return to the land of the straight big-dicked cowboys down south. Me encanta mucho, Johnny boy (I call him that publicly).

6', 88 kg, 24 years-old. Prime Argentine beef. I've chosen pictures from all angles, choose the angle you want to see him naked- hopefully, you'll see that naked angle in DDS 2011. Me, I'm eager to see the naked version of the last picture below- butt shot. And, needless to say, full-frontal, of course. One of the few reasons why the coming DDS is worth waiting after all, here's Gonzalo Tiesi...

The Harlequins nude photoshoot, click to enlarge

celebrating straight boy Gonzalo:


Tiesi scores a try

a sexy commercial featuring the Pumas 2007 team, look for Tiesi among the nude players in the shower

another sexy commercial featuring the Pumas, I can't see Tiesi but a couple seemed like previous DDS guys (the Argentine DDS?)

It will be fiesta in Buenos Aires, & in keeping with the mood, let's cap this post with one of my favorite rock bands in any language- yeah, an Argentine band rocking in Spanish.

Aun Estas En Mis Sueños- Rata Blanca

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