Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Full Frontal Nudity in the DVD... 3 Dicks So Far (LOL)

click to enlarge the pics to see the dicks

LOSC soccer player Adil Rami
is circumcized

Rugby players Alexis Palisson (sitting at lower rung) & Armand Battle (corner, upper rung)

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If the calendar is tame, we have the DVD to look forward to. Looks promising- with the few pictures shown so far, we've already picked up 3 full-frontals (though Battle only showed a peeping head... so far). While we understand the usefulness of the "inadverdent screen capping" defense to allay the apprehensions of players (that's why, the delicious goods are usually found in the DVD), we also know the underlying exhibitionistic tendencies of narcissistic athletes to let the world know just how beautiful they are, a fact rather wisely motivated by Tony Duran in his book. I know the DVD will be bought by interested adults so I just hope they won't be treated with split-second versions again of what we can see in screen caps in the Web anyway. Why not enjoy what you bought in the comfortable privacy of your home theater?

I admit I was disappointed when a friend told me about the tame calendar, but my researcher suddenly called me up & told me about the picture above of Adil Rami. That changed a lot the shape of things, so to speak. Hmm, let's see what's next...

UPDATE: this isn't found in the DVD, it was part of the stills taken while shooting

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