Sunday, September 26, 2010


Second UPDATE: click to enlarge the last one- this is the first dick on display in DDS 2011- Alexis Palisson is finally challenging history & be one of the heroes of the DDS saga. Note the camera is pointed downwards & should capture all the right things that Alexis is freely offering by opening up his legs rather widely, I say- unless somebody gets cold feet again, that is. (3rd UPDATE: Actually, two dicks can be seen there- the head of Armand Battle's dick can be seen peeping- he's the one sitting in the corner upper rung. Don't you admire us- as long as they are dicks of straight guys, we're fast!)

First UPDATE: I told my assistants to publish any breaking news (or pics) while I'm on my vacation in Argentina but I didn't expect them to be that fast. Well, I just had to compose this as addendum. I'm not encouraged by the news I'm hearing about the new DDS from some sources. If it's true, we may have outgrown this thing. I'm enjoying my stay in Buenos Aires so I will not be thinking about this for the next days. We still have another post (pre-scheduled) about DDS 2011 middle of next week but I won't be focusing on it for a while. I'd rather focus on real live ones my Argentine friend Juan has prepared for me.

For the latest in Dieux du Stade 2011, click here

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