Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: First Calendar Pics (THE THIRD DICK)

LOSC soccer player Adil Rami & Stade Francais rugby player Mathieu Bastareaud

We have featured Adil Rami here & here

First DVD images here

Adil Rami in the DVD, the third dick

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Second UPDATE: I just want to clarify the first update. The calendar may not be that interesting but the DVD has potentials- we've already "spotted" 3 dicks so far , Alexis Palisson, Armand Battle & the most important, Adil Rami, which as you can see, as expected, has a big dick. I'm still waiting for the DVD. Hopefully, they will not be split-second where we may just have to rely again on screen caps.

First UPDATE: My assistants are fast. I just saw they posted something so I have to email this ASAP to them to be posted as update. I'm still in vacation, but I already got the confirmation that what we've suspected all along is true. Back to the old game of "Spot the cock if you can". At least, it's in color, that's positive. But I have better things to do. I still have a week to go in my cockhunt so my assistants will just try to catch any breaking developments on this front. We still have another pre-scheduled article on DDS (about Leguizamon) which is programmed to be published in the evening Pacific time. It's just nice to know I can now leave this blog & the team I got will not let everybody down.

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