Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Adil Rami of Lille, Ligue 1

If I were you, I would click to enlarge the photo above- that gives us a clue why Adil Rami is a harbinger of delicious things to come. The 6'3", 24 year-old French of Moroccan descent was voted as the Ligue 1's most sexy player & that may have earned him a place in the line-up for this year's Dieux du Stade 2011. No nude photos yet (though we have clips of him in boxers in the locker room below), but that's the rule of the game in Sports beefcake- look at him in his uniform now, imagine how he looks without those uniform- then check if your imagination is right later...

celebrating straight boy Adil:


includes locker room scene in his boxer


I've started featuring my favorite musical acts in my recent posts- well, I am not about to miss my favorite French group- Indochine. It's one of their old hits. Background music while daydreaming of delicious things about Adil Rami.

L'Aventurier- Indochine

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