Thursday, September 30, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: The Wonderful Colors of Rugby

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Top Dicks of September, 2010

1. Alexis Palisson & Armand Battle, Rugby- France

2. Thomas Muller, Soccer- Germany

3. Tobias Weiss, Soccer- Germany

4. Sheffield Hallam, Rugby- England

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Soccer- Sweden

6. Unknown, Rugby- England


8. Michael Ballack, Soccer- Germany


10. Xavier Garbajosa, Soccer- France

11. Unknown- Czech Republic

12. Gonzalo Tiesi, Rugby- Argentina


14. Andy Carroll, Soccer- England

15. Armand Battle, Rugby- France


GODS OF SOCCER: Loic Perrin of St. Etienne, Ligue 1

I have to admit Adil Rami is growing on me, but before he caught my attention when he was included in the line-up for the upcoming Dieux du Stade 2011, I've always considered Loic Perrin as the sexiest French soccer player. Now, I have to admit they're almost equal (the prospect of seeing Adil totally nude soon has certainly added points to him UPDATE: I've already seen Adil's dick so he is now hotter. Lol I have to add this, I wrote these texts two weeks ago yet before I set off for my Argentina cockhunt trip. This was supposed to be posted last week but was rescheduled to post the article on Gonzalo Tiesi). Yoann Gourcuff was the first Ligue 1 player I featured here just because he has many sexy pictures floating around, but he is a bit soft, he belongs more to the Cute Category. I've been waiting for so long for Loic's nude picture to appear but I decided I can't afford to keep him under wraps for too long anymore. It's the proverbial unlikely French puzzle- why a magnificently sexy Soccer player like Loic remains hidden as if he was an American athlete.

I prefer them in the taller side but I'll waive that requirement anytime for the 5'10" Loic Perrin. Why? See for yourself...

click to enlarge the last photo- look at his lower abdomen, that's how they should manscape an athlete model, leave some hair roots at least

celebrating sexy straight Loic:

but, not butt, it means "point" in French


In keeping with the French mood, a couple of French songs:

Alice et June- Indochine

Comme Un Manouche Sans Guitare- Thomas Dutronc

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2011: Full Frontal Nudity in the DVD... 3 Dicks So Far (LOL)

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LOSC soccer player Adil Rami
is circumcized

Rugby players Alexis Palisson (sitting at lower rung) & Armand Battle (corner, upper rung)

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First DVD images here

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If the calendar is tame, we have the DVD to look forward to. Looks promising- with the few pictures shown so far, we've already picked up 3 full-frontals (though Battle only showed a peeping head... so far). While we understand the usefulness of the "inadverdent screen capping" defense to allay the apprehensions of players (that's why, the delicious goods are usually found in the DVD), we also know the underlying exhibitionistic tendencies of narcissistic athletes to let the world know just how beautiful they are, a fact rather wisely motivated by Tony Duran in his book. I know the DVD will be bought by interested adults so I just hope they won't be treated with split-second versions again of what we can see in screen caps in the Web anyway. Why not enjoy what you bought in the comfortable privacy of your home theater?

I admit I was disappointed when a friend told me about the tame calendar, but my researcher suddenly called me up & told me about the picture above of Adil Rami. That changed a lot the shape of things, so to speak. Hmm, let's see what's next...

UPDATE: this isn't found in the DVD, it was part of the stills taken while shooting

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GODS OF RUGBY: Juan Manuel Leguizamon of Stade Francais, Top 14

My Buenos Aires sojourn has been a parade of delicious heterosexual Argentine prime beef so far. Johnny Boy picked the menu so to speak, anyway he knows my taste, just as I would pick the menu when he visits LA, I know his taste. We're that close. He made me feel guilty though about my frequent visits to Europe (Italy, particularly) by offering me incredibly tall, handsome dudes all with Italian-sounding family names. They were not the usual hustlers, far from it (I saw one once in the Internet), probably did it only on special occasions. I told Doña Juanita he didn't have to impress me but was I really impressed. That's the only thing you need in life: real friends with taste (And money, of course).

6'3", 100 kg., the 27-year old Argentine Puma just transferred to Stade Francais from London Irish. Let's see if he'll show in Dieux du Stade 2011 what he hid behind a dark boxer last year (caps from DDS 2010 below).

UPDATE: Elsewhere in this blog, you will see that we've already "discovered" 3 frontal nudities in DDS 2011, hopefully Juan Manuel will be as generous as Alexis Palison, Armand Battle & Adil Rami in the DVD. For DDS updates, see here

celebrating sexy straight Juan Manuel:

his voice


dds 2010 clip

The best rock music was done between 1980 & 2000 & I'm always on the look-out for the old hits. I discovered the Latin-American Rock legend Soda Stereo in one of my frequent trips to Argentina in the early 2000's. The clip below was taken in 1987 yet, at a time when the group was rocking the Spanish-speaking world big-time. The group has since disbanded, the second clip is a more recent work of the former vocalist, & now soloist, Gustavo Cerati. Nice background music while imagining naked Argentine ruggers.

Persiana-Americana- Soda Stereo

Amo Dejarte Asi- Gustavo Cerati