Sunday, August 1, 2010

XGAMES, SEX GAMES: Travis Pastrana of the US (He Should Be Naked!)

I have 3 special visitors who came in to watch the Xgames 16 at the LA Coliseum- an Italian, Marco, a French, Renaud & a Dutch, Lucas. Together with an American, Gordon, we watched Travis Pastrana win the Moto X Freestyle event. Travis, of course, is the Xgames superstar who would have been asked long ago to pose nude for Cosmo were he born British.

If you're a regular reader of the blog, you know the 4 guys I mentioned. All delicious straight guys with 8-9 inches dicks. It's obvious I'll be very busy. Let's see if I remember this blog in the coming days.

I don't have nude photos of Travis. Suffice to say, I wish he had. Watching him made me so horny but I guess, no need to be desperate, I have with me 4 sexy straight guys.

Here's what makes him great:

A tribute to him I picked up in the web:


  1. p.s love the site .... the hotties are fucking hot

  2. I deleted a comment above, the usual don't believe straight guy thing you often hear among bitter gays who have to eat their kinds because they don't know how to hook a straight guy. Well, they don't know what delicious is anyway. I won't left them infect my blog. We're happy people here