Tuesday, August 10, 2010


A friend is getting married this weekend. He vowed he'll be loyal to his wife so he'll be decomissioning his gay side soon. I already started calling him "Ex-4/5 Gay" (he had sex with one straight girl for every 4 straight guys, easier to hook up with the latter). His future wife doesn't know (secret among friends), but he has planned for this day all along: beside her, there'll be no other man or woman. The fate of all my married friends who played both sides at one time. I guess only my French friend Yves got lucky: his wife knows but she told him he can do guys, but no other woman. It's because his wife enjoys young university jocks too so she joins her husband in their hunts. Whenever I join them in Paris, it's she who tests & grades the real men. Renaud passed through her before I even sucked his cock. I first saw him the night when he & his friends gang-banged her while me & her husband watched.

I first met my friend 3 years ago because the jock he solicited was a cousin of my kept boy then. I introduced him to my bigger group & he really knew how to have fun. Life is short, he would say. Now time to make his seed immortal. As celebration to the new life of my friend, here are some fine Soccer asses, his once great passion. I know he doesn't lack good memories so I'm sure there'll be no regrets. Time for the next act, a real family.

Good luck, dude.

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