Sunday, August 1, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Roger Goleiro of Brazil

I consider Roger Noronha da Silva the sexiest among the Brazilian Soccer stars who ever posed naked. Pity it wasn't done with the high resolution we have nowadays. It was shot in 1999 yet, even before the tame Dieux du Stade series became a hot item. That year, 3 famous Brazilian Soccer stars (Roger, Dinei, Vampeta) posed in full erection for the gay magazine, G. It has been a string of lean, occasional harvests since then. I just hope they can convince more in the future. The Brazilians do this thing best.

Do you know that after retiring from his last team Botafogo in 2008, Roger ran for a political position & won? You know, sometimes the Gross National Product of a country isn't the critical basis of the level of its sophistication. Brazil is up there.

We have all the right in the world to ask now, who says posing naked should be fatal to anybody's upward mobility?

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