Sunday, August 1, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Raul of Schalke 04, Bundesliga

For 16 years, he was the top scorer of Soccer's richest club, but Raul has finally left Real Madrid for Schalke in the German Bundesliga. It was the convergence of fate. Raul is the first player who caught my eye when I was still starting to get interested with Soccer a decade ago (he looked like a younger X-Files' David Duchovny). Then, after the recent World Cup in South Africa where the German Mannschaft (National Team) really impressed me, I decided I'll be prioritizing Bundesliga henceforth (along with the Dutch Eredivisie, because of the Netherland's fine performance). Just the right time, I'll be seeing more of Raul. Not as lean as a decade ago, but, hey, one of my fetishes is a still-young sexy dad of cute kids. What greater full-strength testosterone do you need? Would be hot to watch the hot-blooded Spaniard mix it up with the colder Germans.

Vamos, Raul! Hay gloria en Alemania!

First images with his new team- Schalke

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