Thursday, August 12, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Andrei Arshavin of Arsenal, Barclays Premier League (милый мальчик)

Andrei doesn't fit the usual Russian stereotype- dour, short of temper, incredible hulks. If there's a word that fits him best, it's cute. Like a big little boy whose playroom is the Soccer field. He's too sexy to be a mere boy, though. He has a nice ass nicely accentuated by his briefs' line whenever he's wearing white shorts. Looking at him is like sipping a bowl of my favorite soup, borscht with lots of sour cream. Very filling.

I love languages as much as I love travelling & straight guys. I had this original plan of learning at least 15 languages in my lifetime. One of my unfinished businesses in life is learning Russian. Actually, I've started it already before. I can read the Cyrillic script & know the most common Russian words. But I tried learning it at a time when I was still mastering German, & I tell you, that was trouble because of an aggravating feature of both languages: declensions. Learning two languages with complicated declensions is a recipe for headache. So I decided to hold off Russian for a while while I mastered German. I never got to pick up where I left off again. Currently, I'm learning Arabic in fits-&-starts in my spare time, but making this post has rekindled like an unexpected tidal wave my passion to learn Russian again. Life has a way of coming up with little situations to lead you to where your heart desires to be in. Can I learn Arabic & Russian at the same time? Which one, if it came to a head, will I hold off this time? If it turned out I finally decide to read Tolstoi's War & Peace in its original script, I have the visible briefs line around the wonderful butt of Andrei to thank for.

Я буду изучать русский язык еще!

Let's celebrate straight boy Andrei:

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