Saturday, August 14, 2010

GODS OF BASKETBALL: Doug Kramer of the Barangay Ginebra Kings, Philippine Basketball Association (YUP, SOME ASIANS ARE SEXY!)

West Asia is full of delicious men, especially in the Middle East bordering the Mediterranean. But East Asia is another matter: there is only one place there I go to for cockhunts. I have laid out profusely here my taste for the Italians who best represent the delectable dishes cooked up in the melting pot that is the Mediterranean. In East Asia, history ensured the long periods of Spanish & American colonizations interacting with a melange of Asian ethnicities, produced the best male recipe in that side of the globe in the Philippines. I refer to what they call there locally as mestizos (or Eurasians; 2/3 of the world's Eurasians live in the Philippines).

Now, while there are millions of Filipino-Americans, there are still 200,000 Americans left in the Philippines to enrich further the original Hispanic recipe which has been cooking there for centuries (the US dislodged the Spaniards in late 19th Century but it never really left). The thing is, this tri-continental recipe is not the ones migrating to the US because you find them in the higher classes so they don't have to seek greener pasture elsewhere. You have to go there for the full effects, as I've discovered. I met a friend ten years ago in San Francisco who initially introduced himself to me as Argentinian. When we became close, it turned out he's a Filipino (he reasoned he was just pulling my leg). When I first took a vacation in Manila, I attended parties in some private homes with 70% of the guests looking like they were Uruguayans or even Italians at first glance. You know, Latin-looking, but with some fascinating but unknown ingredients thrown in. It's actually gentler & more refined than the South American mestizo because the native Southeast Asians have gentler features than the South American Indians. But the sex appeal is no less powerful. Sadly, they aren't as well promoted like the South Americans. Asians in the US shouldn't have to fight as assiduously for recognition because among them exists already a phenotype with a more universal appeal, that could be well-accepted immediately by the world & thus give the rest a foot in the door. How can the world know it, however, if somebody like my "playful" friend casually introduces himself as Argentinian even as a joke? I berated my friend on this so he gifted me with so many mestizos on our last trip to Manila just to shut me up.

Curiously, the Filipino-Anglo Saxon looks Latin, a California boy with a permanent light tan. 6'5"-tall Doug is the American contribution to the bloodline of this fine collection of sexy Latin Eurasians (btw, included among them is Enrique Iglesias, whose mother is a Filipina journalist).

I just hope Filipino photographers will be more daring & do full-frontals soon. (Thanks Rene for the pics. My next quarterly cockhunt this October is either in Manila or Buenos Aires.)

Doug is now a professional basketball player in a local league but this clip was taken when he was still in college- if for anything, it has anthropological value: listen to how Manila English was spoken by the anchormen. Certainly different from the usual American drawl:


  1. If you want more daring and full frontal pic of filipino models i can send you some, i have a lot in my folders. lol.. yeah, im a filipino..

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  3. hi . you should feature the AZKALS - Philippine Football Team. Really hot guys, especially the Younghusband brothers. :)