Saturday, August 14, 2010

Delicious Rugby

If you noticed, though we publish everyday, the date of publication is stuck a week late at times. Blame it on my hectic schedule & the efficiency of my two assistants: my researcher & my poster. Once a week, I give the researcher a list of athletes. When she later submits the pics to me, I'll choose the ones for publication, which she will email to the poster who will then line them up into drafts in Blogger. The article will only be complete when I email later to the poster the text for each particular article (& that's the only bottleneck because everything depends on my available time & mood). He will then publish it but Blogger keeps the date of drafting as the date of publication. That explains why all the articles this week have the same date of publication though they were released in different successive dates: they were drafted on the same day. Except for the date quirk, everything goes smoothly: each article only requires less than twenty minutes from my time. And as you can see, six articles were drafted in the same day. If only I could find the time to compose those texts, we can release six articles in one day.

I'd like to thank a dear friend, my poster. He gamely helped with the blog since the "practical joke stage" (I was then ignorant of html) & I like how he eventually made the blog look minimalist & masculine. It's his idea we publish the photos as we found them, without photoshopping or erasing watermarks. In Sports, you see what you get. So we treat this blog like a neo-realist drama. In a way, it's an installation art using photographs of naked straight Sportsmen. It's all gratis work, & I mentioned before, he's straight, the only straight man aside from the straight men I have had sex with, who knows I'm into men also. He doesn't have to do it, I just asked him if he could do it, but life is Sports, he would say. I promised him, when I get tired of this blog, it's his (LOL! I'm actually tired, so I may be serious).

This post is my birthday gift to him. Treat it as one of life's practical jokes. Be happy on your birthday, dude. Happy birthday!

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  1. To stop your random blog dates, make your poster look at 'post options' on the 'Create Post' screen, and then make sure 'automatic' is checked. That way the post date and time will be accurate.