Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BALLS OF SOCCER: Dirk Kuyt of Liverpool, Barclays Premier League (Er geen Schaamhaar en Eikel zijn... Nog!)

One of the best performers in the last World Cup in South Africa, Dirk is expected to enliven the battles among debt-ridden clubs in the Barclays Premier League, which is about to start. His team, Liverpool, is as leveraged as Manchester United (with 700 million pounds -even 1.1 billion- debt after its American owners, the Glazers, bought it virtually debt-free in 2005) but he isn't expected to be sold anytime soon, just like what Manchester United did to Ronaldo for the much-needed cash.

If there's an All-American boy, there's also an All-Dutch boy, & Dirk Kuyt is the convenient poster boy. Blonde curly hair, very white skin, very white balls. I'm serious. Look below.

A great player- a tribute to Dirk:

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