Thursday, July 8, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010: The Delicious Finals

Aus! Aus! Der Traum ist Aus! That's actually German, but it was the headline of a Dutch online news website. Now, why should a Dutch site be screaming in German when it could have easily used its own language to declare its giant neighbor was out of the World Cup 2010 finals? I remember the time when defending champion Italy drew with a supposed weaker opponent in the knockout phase: instead of merely reporting the score , the Dutch press used a more florid way... Italie heeft zich belachelijk maken ... They deemed it more appropriate to say Italy made itself laughable by drawing with an opponent. Merely saying the score isn't enough, they couldn't resist the opportunity to dig. Call it Napoleon Complex-ish whim by a small country which relishes heckling its giant neighbors. The Oranje team is doing very well, but somehow good fortune just isn't enough.

Oh, that bit of gossip makes the Dutch cuter. The electricity is in daily crescendo here since they dumped Uruguay to qualify for the finals. It's been non-stop party time. There is a tremendous amount of generosity going around, everybody is high. Natural high. I don't have to say I'm benefiting from all that generosity in bed. I've always enjoyed playing here for years now but none was as satisfying as now. Lucas usually grunts when I would ask for second helpings, he says he should save some for his girl friend. Last night he did five. There I wrote it.

I bet that would irk more the gang in LA. They bombarded me with emails AKA curses when they learned I slipped out of town quietly again. Dudes, twenty people soliciting would scare any guy, especially if only one speaks Dutch. No need to cramp my style. I know you're raring to leave what Greg calls the self-hating vomit swallowing crowd- the Eww Set (those who hate themselves so much they swallow when they should be vomiting, according to him). Lol, cool, guys, to each his own. Rise above it all. As I said, El Coño prepared something big. Payback for the models I gave him in his last visit. I'm also treating my French friend Yves for the Sorborne garcons he gave me 3 months ago. Confirm by Monday Spanish time if you do come so El Coño can prepare the guapos. (I love this blog, better than Twitter).

It's a very hot summer but Europe has never been more delicious. I have collected many like-minded friends here through the years, all straight guy lovers. About two years ago, there was a gay executive who was feeling superior because he just married his gay boyfriend while we couldn't in the US. He tried to match me with his gay friends but I told him I only have sex with straight guys. He was incredulous then. A different story now. Half of the gay marriages here fail, so did the executive's. At work, he was always working with spectacular straight boys in skimpy attires for their photoshoots. He was always desiring them, it's them he wanted to have sex with, but he goes home to his queeny husband, an increasingly unpalatable situation which at some point drove him into depression.The disparity between his desires & his sexual politics eventually took its toll. In the end, they decided they were better off remaining as friends. He told me he feared getting old & miserably looking back at all the exciting real guys he missed. He actually remembered what I told him two years ago (which he scoffed at then): It's human nature to yearn for genuine things- be it the leather for your shoes, real Armani for your clothes, organic for your food, why not your man?You can overlook or redefine the important things as sacrifice for a rights struggle or political principle for a while. But only up to your breaking point. He gave me two straight guys, both student athletes, in this trip. One of them is Lucas.

I'll be in Amsterdam up to Monday, by then I would have known who won, the Netherlands or Spain. If the Netherlands won, I'll be sent off with fireworks. If Spain won, I'll be arriving in Madrid in a spontaneous fiesta. If Spain lost, I'll still be arriving in a fiesta because we're going there to create one in the first place. We're going to console straight Spanish guys, remember?

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