Thursday, July 8, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010: Iker Casillas of Real Madrid & Spain (Part 2, The Champion's Event)

Here is Part 1

AMSTERDAM, Monday, July 12, 2010-Spain won the World Cup 2010. I wasn't expecting it would lead to the best sex I ever had. Now, I'm currently in the loser's grounds, Amsterdam. Lucas, my straight Dutch boy, watched the championship game with his girlfriend in the big screen installed at Museumplein but she was incessantly crying he just took her home to rest & came to invite me to just drink with him. I told him later on, on our third bottle of Heineken that there's a better way of drowning away his sorrows. You know, when you just want to transport yourself to where everything gives you ecstasy & not an iota of grief, sex has no peer. And when you're having sex with somebody who just wants to cling to pure ecstasy to banish all unwanted reality, you'll be incredulous at just how strong an orgasm could be. Incredible.

Spain's luck just came at the right time. Its economy is in shambles, it has 20% unemployment. Its autonomous regions are playing tug-of-war against each other- just after the declaration by the Spanish Constitutional Court that the autonomy of Catalunya was illegal, a million people marched in Barcelona. It needed more the win in the World Cup to preserve the unity of its people & its territory. It just came at the right time. I'll be in Madrid by Tuesday, Spanish time. My friend El Coño prepared a fiesta, a quid pro quo for the feast of models I gave him in his last visit to LA.

I hope somebody in his banquet table looks like Iker. I limited the photos of Iker because I have a slew of sexy videos of him down below.

white briefs in the field:

In the bath area

in the locker room:

white briefs in the locker room:

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