Friday, July 9, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010: Cesc Fabregas of Arsenal & Spain (Part 1, Visperas de la Fiesta)

PARIS, Tuesday, July 13, 2010- I left my latest favorite straight Dutch boy, Lucas, yesterday in Amsterdam but let me make it clear, it didn't end there. He's special. There are certain straight boys around the world which I never really left even after paying them for sex the first time. For some, the bonds were never really broken. That little transaction led to productive friendships, even business partnerships, which prospered even when some got married. That's why I don't do professionals like escorts & the like, this kind of adventure can blossom into strong friendships & I don't waste time on social rejects, no matter how great-looking, as a precaution. Our age differences are not really too great that in time I felt more like a big brother or older buddy than a benefactor. Our contacts lasted even when the quid pro quos have long stopped, easy in this well-connected world. 3 months ago, I enjoyed my stay so much in Paris because of a 21 year-old student named Renaud. He used to work part-time in a company partly controlled by my French friend Yves who introduced him to me. I arrived in Paris last night but I met Renaud in a cafe in Montmarte before we drove off to Yves'. He used the little car I bought him, the cute watch I sent him a month ago & the clothes we shopped together after that first night. Time to reconnect, live (we do a lot of c2c's). He's transformed into a fresh-faced pouty sort of Christopher Lambert-ish tall young man. He sent me a video last month of how he devirginized his new girl friend- a bloodbath considering his 9-inch member. Once again, looking at that cute Gallic face, I marvel at my good fortune.

Life is a mere parade of experiences, people, events. As Greg could be brutally frank in saying it, there are ways to enjoy it without having to swallow your vomit. No sense living like a schizophrenic desiring all the spectacular straight guys but resigning to settle with the imitation version & just delude oneself it must be delicious despite the vomiting. Whatever. I just feel fortunate people like Lucas, Renaud, Marco in Florence, Geert in Utrecht, Gordon in LA, among others, are part of my life. All are delicious straight boys.

Straight, just like Cesc, a 23-year old boyish-looking Spanish looker who, together with Robin van Persie & Nicklas Bendtner, make Arsenal the eye candy of the Barclays Premier League. There are reports he'll transfer to Barcelona shortly. One less star in the glitter of Arsenal then. I hope when we arrive in Madrid later, El Coño would have prepared somebody who looks like him. New adventures always beckon. But the delicious ones remain forever.

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