Sunday, July 4, 2010

TOUR DE FRANCE 2010: Straight Guy Cockhunt, 3rd Quarter, 2010

AMSTERDAM- The Tour de France 2010 started last Saturday in Rotterdam. Fabian Cancellara of Switzerland won the first 8.7 kilometer tijdrit (see video below). I wasn't able to see it because I was busy celebrating in Amsterdam the Netherlands' World Cup win over Argentina with 2 cute, really tall straight Dutch jongens. Yup, its straight guy cockhunt once again but instead of going to Argentina as planned, I decided at the last minute to return to a very hot (literally) Europe. I've been here since middle of last week but I left 8 prepared articles outsourced to my poster. He has posted about 4 so far. I may not be able to immediately correct his publishing errors (if there are) so don't mind them for the meantime. I'll get to them eventually, I may just be busy sucking straight Dutch boys all the while & that's a valid excuse, don't you think?
I have a feeling the World Cup finals will be between the Netherlands & Germany. I will be based in Amsterdam but it will be a short ride to join the celebrations of whoever will win. I want to be where the action is when the straight guys start partying. I had my fill of Latin feasts with Germanic deserts 3 months ago, this time it will be the other way around. I hate to admit it but I forgot Argentina when I posted Nicklas Bendtner last week. It's easy to look for 6'4" Bendtner deadringers in Amsterdam. Not real Danish yet but at least, the Danes sound like Dutch. Let's see if I have time to drive over to Copenhagen. I haven't partied in Denmark. Would a Danish boy taste different from a Dutch boy? They all came from the same Germanic tribe but you can confirm they evolved differently as they formed their own distinctive subtribes because a Dutch cum invariably tastes sweeter than a German one. Will Danish cum taste like pastry? Would Nicklas Bendtner taste like pastry?
I will cap the hunt down south early next week. How can I ignore Fernando Torres? Spain has a floundering economy with 20% unemployment. Maybe some straight cousin of his need consoling big-time. My dear Argentine friend Juan will join me in Madrid. I will fetch Yves & his wife in Paris on my way down. His wife will help us filter the fakes. We'll try to console as many sexy straight Spanish guys as we can. Ah, how would life taste like without sexy straight boys?

Tour de France 2009 winners Andy Schleck (#3), Alberto Contador (winner) & Lance Armstrong (#2).

Alessandro Petacchi of Italy

Alberto Contador

Tour de France 2010 tijdrit in Rotterdam won by Fabian Cancellara (above)

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