Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rugby Horribile

I admit I'm not too eagerly anticipating the coming Dieux du Stade 2011. Perhaps I finally have anticipation fatigue after years of unmet expectations.

I'm fascinated by pics of straight guys with soft dicks in their natural state, no artificial stimulation, foreskin not pulled up if uncut, unruly pubic hair, muscles bulging in right places. Especially sportsmen. I usually have sex with mostly straight student athletes (solicited) & I've photographed them just the way I liked it, part of my vast private collection of full-frontal athletes. For some time now, I've started getting bored with the stuff coming out from the usual sources like Dieux du Stade. I try to drum up interest for all our sakes but I finally admit it rings hollow because a part of me doesn't care as much anymore. The manicured bodies in Black-&-White hew too much to what is cliche in classical nude photography they give you a sense you've seen most of them already before. Art could be irrelevant when it's hackneyed & boring. If other forms of art explore their limits, why does DDS Sport Nudity photography still aspires to be in the 1930's? Are they insecure in their own creative capacity they hang on to the cliche so they can claim respectability based on tired glories of the past? Moreover, the book by Duran showed just how much the athletes were game to the whole thing that it makes you wonder why were they shooting all those pics all those years if they would only choose the most banal for the calendars? Maybe, it's for their own collection & are we supposed to just buy what they throw our way so they can support their hobbies? Why should athletes consent to show their genitals in Duran's book but we're only given sadistic half-second blips, if ever, in the DVD? If the athletes like the ancient Greeks were willing all along, why does DDS hold back? Duran may not have intended it but the relative daring of his book exposed the weak or even deviously pretentious decision-making at DDS. The traditional structure of the Making-of videos has outlived its usefulness & ultimately revealed as proof of the juvenile game (Spot the dick if you can) they play with the intelligence & sensibility of their audience. Masochism could be tiring. I could understand why most have lost interest after the dumbing down post-2007. The 2010 version barely revived interest. & for 2011, what? Frankly, I just realized I'm not thinking about it as much anymore. I might as well think of my own collection.

I'll still be featuring Ruggers but after the recent World Cup, I realized I should start featuring more of the other Sports, particularly Soccer. You don't have to wait once a year for your kicks, the paparazzi are following all the time the popular soccer players so that delicious things could just about happen anytime.

Yes, we evolve, the world evolves. Just like Thom Evans. After that accident during the Scotland-Wales Six-Nations game (see pic below) where he suffered a vertebral fracture, news had it he's finally retired from Rugby. We've seen everything of him as a Rugby star, now we listen to him sing as part of a Scottish band before he turned to professional Rugby. That I think is enough to put us into the right mood to reflect on evolutions in Rugby. (Frankly, I'm really sorry for him, he gave much but not much was given back.)

Hide- Twen2y 4 Se7en

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  1. Is that actually Thom Evans holding the guitar?