Friday, July 23, 2010

Romain Barras: Encore Une Fois

I featured Romain before ( here) but good news, my French friend Yves (or whoever he ordered because, like me, he's lazy so he has many assistants, again like me) actually unearthed some more revealing photos of the French decathlete. One of only a few good-looking French athletes captivating the world nowadays. Not much of beauty has come out of France lately. Its soccer team in the recent World Cup was probably the least attractive among the Western participants, looking almost gross beside the Spaniards & the Italians. Lamentable, considering the depth of the resources back home. I know why France can't shake off it's economic woes, it isn't making use of its natural resources very well. Look, it has somebody tall & sexy with a big, delicious bulge like Romain who has already shown everything except for a piece of meat but the French hide their meat despite market demand. They have the temerity instead to import Scottish prime beef.

What is Romain's superdelicious gigantic bulge straining thru his lycra, then for?

Merde! Je ne vais plus débander de la soirée !

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