Friday, July 23, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Joe Cole of Liverpool & England

Another one of those sexy English guys who'd be better off doing a Full Monty. The English has a lot of catching up to do with the Scots when it comes to displaying their crown jewels but definitely Joe has what it takes to out-Thom Evans them anytime. How about it, lad? It's only a bloody dick anyway...

We're practically of the same age, I should call him Mate. I guess it would be a hell lot more fun if I heckled him to expose himself over a bottle of beer. Actually, I have this fantasy of entering a pub in London then, by chance, meeting a football player over at the counter. We'd talk about girls & football then just keep the alcohol coming, make him feel I'd be the best buddy he'd ever had. I fuck girls just to get my straight guy (I always wanna make sure he's not a closet case himself so I always suggest we get girls, my treat). Easier to set the traps when the alcohol has set in & he's irreversibly horny with a girl. Tagging a girl isn't as good as when you & the girl tag the straight guy before the night is through.

visible underwear line (freeze the frame when the underwear line becomes visible, at 02 seconds, then look at the incredible bulge of his balls from behind):

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