Wednesday, July 21, 2010

GODS OF SOCCER: Andriy Shevchenko of Dynamo Kyiv (formerly of Chelsea, Barclays Premier League, & AC Milan, Serie A)

Sheva is one of the original athletes to be recruited as commercial model in the metrosexual mold. Those were the times when they had to be publicized with their wives to counter suspicions on their sexuality as they shed their clothes to promote the products of their sponsors. The wives certainly helped, they fulfilled their contracts unscathed, their heterosexual creds intact. A lesson learned the hard way by the likes of Freddie Ljungberg & Cristiano Ronaldo. The Swede was reduced to babbling it's his honor to be compared to gays, a line carried mostly by the gay media so he remained a question mark in the mainstream, while it ironically fed the speculation among gays themselves, particularly the bitter ones who, as coping mechanism to their lot, thrive on wishing that athletes join them in their misery. Same with Ronaldo. He carelessly tweeted he's already a father of a son with an unidentified woman, & when the news surfaced that there may be a surrogate mother, you could almost hear the unison cry of "Ricky Martin!" by the same section of the gay population- they still cling to the old delusion that more outing by normal-looking gays would lead to the "normalization" of the congenitally outed ones, those who were born physically manifesting their sexual orientation, be it in speech or actions. (More like clinging at straws though). In the end, the handlers of Ronaldo got wiser so they released the truth. Better a scandal where he impregnated a waitress than one where he's suspected as gay. Lesser of two evils in their view, apparently.

Sheva is one of the original sex symbols of contemporary Soccer & I'll spoil the suspense- he's got a big cock. We love everything straight here- straight men, straight talk. We tell things as they are. Don't believe? Look down below...

Of course, he is one of the game's true greats- here's a tribute I picked up in the web, just to remind us that one of Sport's sexiest stars is larger-than-life in the field:

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