Friday, January 7, 2011

MMA: Diana Taurasi & Simon Czaplinski of the US (A CURIOUS ROAD TO SISTERHOOD)

This is an updated repost of a previous article on Simon Czaplinski: Apparently, there have been surprising developments in the life of Simon Czaplinski lately which has made him not worthy to be included in this blog anymore. I would've preferred to have this post deleted but the texts of the article have something important to say. I retained the first portion of the previous post but you'll find I changed completely the second portion.

He didn't become famous as a kickboxer but he still became famous. How? First, watch the video below:

Yup, it's Harley. I am a fan of the straight boys of Sean Cody, & I have about 12 of the 18 videos of Harley in my collection of straight guy videos. I didn't include the vids where his sex partners were gay models. You may be the best-looking man, but tell me you're gay & you'll instantly become my sister. I have many male friends who are into men but we don't get into each others' pants. We have fulfilling sex lives with straight guys, thank you. & I love what George Duroy of Belami calls All-Male Porn, exclusively gay-for-pays, if you will. At any one time, I'm a member of 10 straight guy sites but I cut off my subscription whenever there are too many unnecessary gay models already in the mix. I mean, I join straight guy sites for the straight guys. If I wanted gays, all I needed to do was look hungrily at straight guys & all the gays around would be trying to catch my attention but I just ignored them, why should I pay to watch them? A friend told me his friend who owns a site confided he throws in a gay model sometimes as a political gesture to the usual noise though he knows where his bread & butter come from (sites with mostly gay models don't make money). Well, that's the toxic part when delusions become chronic: even jack-off sites are sullied by sexual politics where they don't belong. Just like when Sports is injected with sexual politics, where the more it doesn't belong. Don't these people have something better to do than aggravate other people with their bitterness? If they're miserable, why spread misery even to those who know how to enjoy their lives? Not all men who are into men are miserable, mind you.

If they don't vomit, we do.

Harley now calls himself Simon Dexter, a photographic model. When I first saw these photos by Rick Day, I didn't recognize Harley. I don't have to make it my profession but I'm an avid photographer. Let's just say, Rick Day is only one of the few photographers whose works I study & emulate.(Thanks Richard for the photos)

The nude pictures of Harley by Rick Day were posted here before. I've deleted them all. Please read the reason below.

UPDATE (December 1, 2010): Peter of Chicago flagged this one, Simon may not be what we're expecting him to be anymore. He has an account as HarleyQ in the Dudesnude site (read here), & if you know what Dudesnude is, then you know how things stand. Below is him speaking, Peter said he already has a lisp. Judge for yourself. I've already deleted all his videos in my collection. I won't delete this post yet while I'm looking where to transfer the texts, I think I made a good point in this article's texts & I won't want to lose it just yet.

UPDATE (January 7, 2011): I replaced the nude pictures of Simon with that of Diana Taurasi. Apparently, we can now consider Simon our "sister" so we might as well replace him with a picture of a real woman like our real sisters. I can have sex with a woman but I've never had sex with a lispy gay man, much less any gay man. I respect them too much to do that. I've always craved only confirmed straight men.

Diana is just right here- at least, she's a real accomplished MMA fighter.

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  1. what the fuck is this post about? I don't have an account on dudes nude...someone has been posing as me for a while now... think about you know how many fake profiles there are out there on me on facebook, twiter, dudesnude, xtube, etc etc etc... its funny how people see something on the internet and just take it as real. Simon Dexter