Sunday, July 18, 2010

GODS OF CRICKET: Shane Watson of Australia

His photos don't quite capture the power of the sex appeal of the man though you'll still be hit loads with the photos below. He's exuding pure sex even while sweating it out on the pitch. Cricket is a boring game (at least, to me) but the presence of Shane is enough to make it sexy. The problem is when he's not there... Of course, there are enough sexy guys in Aussie Cricket but at least with Shane, our brains were already primed up with visions of his naked body so we can easily imagine him without clothes in the pitch. What, you're not yet primed up? What are you waiting for, look down below....

2010 Men of Cricket Calendar, Shane appears at 23 & 43 seconds

Behind-the-scenes from 2009 Men of Cricket Calendar

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