Monday, July 19, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.'s Mom, & His Father Who Got Away

The usual suspects were rejoicing when it was first announced that Cristiano Ronaldo became the father to a son with an unknown woman which he allegedly paid to get full custody of the boy. Visions of a football version of Ricky Martin danced in their minds & the prospect of a big football player added as company in misery expectedly uplifted those souls tremendously. True, shame is part of the story, but it turned out it's not because he has problems with his sexual mechanisms. In fact, he has an overactive one. He had a one night fling with a waitress, & that unfortunately created the mess which he allegedly tried to settle with a $1.5 million giveaway.

If you can understand Italian, it has a nice video here.

Well, time & again, it turns out Schadenfreude isn't really a reliable coping mechanism. Ronaldo has gotten away but, hey, he lost $1.5 million, didn't he?

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