Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top Dicks of July ,2010

Most downloaded for the month of July

1. Pedro Contreras- Soccer, Spain

2. Andriy Shevchenko- Soccer, Ukraine

3. Robinson Rodrigues- Softball, Brazil

4. Frank Lampard- Soccer, England

5. Pedro Contreras- Soccer, Spain

6. Brad Howard- Soccer, England

7. Robinson Rodrigues- Softball, Brazil

8. David Beckham- Soccer, England

9. Trey Hardee- Athletics, US

10. Robinson Rodrigues- Softball, Brazil

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GODS OF ATHLETICS: Nick Symmonds, Gold Medalist, 800 m., 2010 USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships

I was absently watching on cable the last 2010 US Outdoor Track & Field Championships held at the Drake University grounds in Des Moines when the 800 meter event suddenly gripped my full attention. The US recordholder Nick Symmonds was behind the pack at the start but as soon as they passed the halfway mark, he showed who was the real champion & it was a real delight to watch him slowly but powerfully edge towards the head of the pack all the way up to the finish line. I have the video of the run below, watch it first before you watch the second one where you'll see him naked. It's an old video, but it's always nice to see an athlete naked after watching him enthrall us first with his sport prowess.

Monday, July 26, 2010

HARD DICKS OF SOCCER: Brad Howard, formerly of FC United of Manchester ( The Poetry of a Horny Straight Man)

He was caught by the paparazzi with a hardon flirting with his girlfriend, Michelle Keegan, on a beach in the Caribbean. Aha, without doubt, my kind of man, a straight man. Have you noticed we never seem to run out of pics of dicks of straight athletes even after more than a year of publication? At least, twice weekly, we try to conjure new dick images out of our magic hats because they're what keep us plodding with this blog. I have a new tranny aide whose sole job is to look for them anywhere. I have about 500 athletes whose dick pics are in my private collection but they'll remain private because the tranny has built up a reserve of nearly 100 pics already, just by her own research. She has been with me for 4 months, since the hard drive crashed & I was too lazy in organizing the messy backups. I promised I'll let her suck my driver, who looks vaguely like Chris Evans, when her total reaches 100 so she worked really fast. Most of the athletes don't look good enough for me though & lack enough sportive pedigree to merit being in this blog. Some famous guys like some NFL players are included but I don't publish anybody here who personally doesn't make me horny. I tried once (guess who?) but never again.

Well, enjoy Bradley, he's now an actor so more than likely, he'll be doing more baring in the future. The British have less qualms in these things. But he may never be seen erect again, like in what we have below. It's always hot to see a heterosexual dick at the exact moment it's responding to its rightful stimulus.

Click to enlarge the photo below & look at what Mr. Howard is holding. The Poetry of a Horny Straight Man.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Romain Barras: Encore Une Fois

I featured Romain before ( here) but good news, my French friend Yves (or whoever he ordered because, like me, he's lazy so he has many assistants, again like me) actually unearthed some more revealing photos of the French decathlete. One of only a few good-looking French athletes captivating the world nowadays. Not much of beauty has come out of France lately. Its soccer team in the recent World Cup was probably the least attractive among the Western participants, looking almost gross beside the Spaniards & the Italians. Lamentable, considering the depth of the resources back home. I know why France can't shake off it's economic woes, it isn't making use of its natural resources very well. Look, it has somebody tall & sexy with a big, delicious bulge like Romain who has already shown everything except for a piece of meat but the French hide their meat despite market demand. They have the temerity instead to import Scottish prime beef.

What is Romain's superdelicious gigantic bulge straining thru his lycra, then for?

Merde! Je ne vais plus débander de la soirée !

GODS OF SOCCER: Joe Cole of Liverpool & England

Another one of those sexy English guys who'd be better off doing a Full Monty. The English has a lot of catching up to do with the Scots when it comes to displaying their crown jewels but definitely Joe has what it takes to out-Thom Evans them anytime. How about it, lad? It's only a bloody dick anyway...

We're practically of the same age, I should call him Mate. I guess it would be a hell lot more fun if I heckled him to expose himself over a bottle of beer. Actually, I have this fantasy of entering a pub in London then, by chance, meeting a football player over at the counter. We'd talk about girls & football then just keep the alcohol coming, make him feel I'd be the best buddy he'd ever had. I fuck girls just to get my straight guy (I always wanna make sure he's not a closet case himself so I always suggest we get girls, my treat). Easier to set the traps when the alcohol has set in & he's irreversibly horny with a girl. Tagging a girl isn't as good as when you & the girl tag the straight guy before the night is through.

visible underwear line (freeze the frame when the underwear line becomes visible, at 02 seconds, then look at the incredible bulge of his balls from behind):