Sunday, June 27, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010: Nicklas Bendtner of Arsenal & Denmark

The magic stats- 6'4", 22 years old. Together with Robin van Persie, they make Arsenal the foremost eye candy of the Barclays Premier League. After the World Cup 2010 debacle of the English team, some quarters in England are questioning if the presence of foreigners in the BPL is counterproductive to the development of local talent, especially now that the old reliables are aging fast. Well, they can always exempt the goodlooking ones. Imagine how Arsenal would look like without the two.
Nicklas comes from Denmark, one of those countries which don't take nudity seriously. Now as to why he seriously took to wearing compression shorts AKA chastity belt beneath the official one, it certainly baffles us. Look at how many delicious views he denied us just because he got too serious with whatever which was making him serious.

I speak Dutch & German- I didn't know I could also understand Danish, which sounds like Dutch but more akin to German. Here, he is awarded as his country's Footballer of the Year.

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