Monday, June 21, 2010

WORLD CUP 2010: Some Sexy American Soccer Players

Benny Feilhaber

Well, it's getting to be that the US has become an outsider when it comes to Sport Nudity blogs. So we welcome any chance of featuring sexy poses of American athletes, jewels well-tucked away, notwithstanding. The photographer should've motivated them more, however. Most of them are playing for European clubs, seems hard to believe they haven't imbibed the liberal nonchalance of their host countries. Especially Benny Feilhaber, he's based in public nudity pioneer, Denmark. I bet he won't mind doing it full frontal one of these days?

I get contributions from friends every now & then. I received these pics & video just after I read the Interview Magazine article, from which these were obviously taken. I'll still post them as part of our collection but here's the link to the original article. I just added some images of Oguchi Onyewu from the ESPN Naked issue. Anyway, thanks John for the trouble.

Tim Howard
Carlos Bocanegra
Jonathan Bornstein

Oguchi Onyewu

The Interview Mag clip:
Benny Feilhaber lipsynching

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