Sunday, June 6, 2010

THOM EVANS: Rugby's First Gayporn Star?

I'm not yet done with Thom Evans. With his penile slit and veins taunting me right in the face from my wallpaper, how could I? I featured all his full-frontal pics in the preceding post. I mentioned there that just beyond what he has shown was gayporn territory. A friend claimed that what he did was actually already within gayporn territory.

When do you call a nude pic porn? We all know the universally accepted definition of porn is still up in the air, everybody has his own definition. But there are certain parameters which are generally recognized almost tacitly by most forums. One of them is that it is porn when there is a sign of stimulation. How stimulated should it be? No clear standard on the degrees. In the pics below, it is clear the dick of Thom was fluffed into semi-erection. Not full but still stimulated to a point it's recognizable the cock has erected (engorged veins, congested prepuce, relative size compared to other photos, etc). Ergo, my friend reasoned Thom has made baby steps into gayporn. He should return for the giant steps. Full erection.

Technically, Thom Evans is already a gayporn star, what do you think? I have a more important question: Who fluffed him?


  1. For the record I deleted a post here, that's my prerogative. I allow the Comments section to be a propaganda platform to anybody but I set the limits. I allot only 30 minutes for my posting but I have to stay an hour just being in a debate in the Comments where just about anybody is accusing you of putting things in your mouth when you're accusing them of the same. It may be good to the ego of idle souls out there but at the end of the day, I'll decide what's fit here or not.

  2. if he can't get back to rugby after his injury he has a ready option :P would love to see his hard dick in action , not to mention the hole, we haven't seen it yet

  3. Why not just block commenting altogether? If you allow comments surely you are allowing debate? I ask because on my blog I blocked it because I didn't want to enter into debate with people, nor did I want a blog filled with only comments I liked.we can't all like the same thing and we can all see the double standard in some postings.