Friday, June 4, 2010

THOM EVANS: The Not So Subtle Full-Frontal (All the Full-Frontal Pictures)

"If you could have seen absolutely everything I wouldn't have said yes, but because it's fairly subtle I thought it was OK."
Those were the words of Thom Evans when interviewed in a local daily in Glasgow. If the pics below were still subtle, how would the non-subtle pictures look like? If he hasn't shown absolutely everything yet, what must he show to qualify as absolute- spread his asscheeks? What about a hard-on? Just beyond what he has shown lies gayporn.

I have below all his full-frontal shots in Dieux du Stade 2010 calendar, DVD & coffee table book, the most explicit in the history of the franchise. The forthcoming DDS 2011 should top these or it will be a dud. It's obvious by now, so many risque images are held back by DDS. In these times when Spencer Tunick can gather hundreds of people to disrobe in public for a photograph or when ordinary people are posting their masturbation videos online, the threshhold for scandal has markedly gone down. To a public accustomed to readily available extreme porn, apart from gay blogs, did these photos of Thom even create a minor splash? Not really. But since gays are the primary market sector, they hit their targets. Thom must have known who'd be mainly viewing because he demured in front of the interviewer, a lady, The Scotsman Features Editor Jackie Hunter. No, it was all very subtle & I couldn't have possibly shown everything, but he did anyway so his most intimate anatomical part, from all angles, is now etched in every gay man's head because he gave what the market wanted him to- to show in high resolution absolutely everything up to his shaved pubic hair pore & refused to be subtle by showing up close his agape penile slit & engorged phallic veins. It seemed ages when men showed their genitals mainly to women in Playgirl, now defunct. Now they're not even admitting anymore to the ladies they've shown absolutely everything & definitely not subtly.

The significance of the Duran book is it proved so many athletes are willing to be photographed in explicit poses & are latent exhibitionists so why hide it? I could just remember the revealing photographs shown in DDS 2007, where are they now? Not even a book was made. Why shoot, flash as tease then hide them from circulation? What I would like to see is they could be more innovative in their marketing. The ill-fated Greenwich FC project offered a revolutionary solution: release PG & adult versions. May I add, even an x-rated one in time. To the public numbed by ubiquitous images of nudity, higher & higher degrees of dare are needed to attract attention. At least, with DDS, it has the built-in pretensions to Art & Charity as cover. Art's limit could be stretched infinitely. To the athletes, this is an ego thing. They have a big cock, let the world know it. Exhibitionism as Art. Give them the stage. Let them explore their limits. Thom proved there's little limit.
About time, on it's second decade, DDS should evolve with the temper of the times. After all, Art & Charity are primarily pursuits of adults.

Hey, Thom, thanks for sharing absolutely everything & doing away with subtlety.


  1. I wonder if Thom was under pressure to top fellow Scotland player Sean Lamont's performance in 2008? Given Sean's enormous cock and the plentiful views we got of it, the only way for Thom to go was semi-erect, in your face cock shots. A little internal rivalry is very healthy for team performance, and Thom certainly gives a great performance here! I hope it won't be long before we see Rory Lamont from behind, pushing his hard cock back between his legs while simultaneously showing hole...

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  2. There are two in Glasgow Warriors who can take up the challenge to top Thom's work- Graeme Morrison & Johnnie Beattie. I think there should be a Scot doing this every year, don't you think so? LOL
    btw, Duran should consider doing another book, a frontal only book, featuring only Thom and any of the guys who did frontals. He must have taken hundreds of shots, there are still many poses in the DVD where no photos have come out of yet like in the pool corner. But he should refrain from too much photoshopping. A pic of Hugo Stockwell was simply horrendous considering Hugo is probably the most handsome of the batch.A bad unphotoshopped photo with dick is better than a bad photoshopped one

  3. I have a theory: actually, the comment by Thom to Jackie Hunter was on January this year,nearly a year after the shooting of the pics on April 2009, long after the release of the DVD & Calendar.The Book wasn't released yet.He must have had time to think about what he did and was wishing the most revealing came out already with the calendar and DVD. Wishful thinking really.He must have known he was shot fully naked at cock level.Where did he think the pics would go,they pity him and hide the pics? The guy is an amateur in this area,he didn't know how things work among professionals.This happened to Jan Esper Ygranes of the Montreal Canadiens in 2000 when he agreed for a full-frontal for presentation to advertising agencies only but the photographer released it.The big difference is Thom knew he posed frontally naked for hours and signed a release.Makes you sympathize with his seeming naivette.Still he must have given in to his exhibitionistic tendencies and enjoyed it.And fortunately the Scots are cool about things like this

  4. Wow, any frontal of the Olympic Champion? :)

  5. Wow. He pulled his foreskin up! EXCELLENT!

  6. Wow, such a gorgeous head and flawless foreskin . What a glow