Wednesday, June 9, 2010

STRAIGHT HOMO-EROTIC FUN: Why Outing Is Nuts In Rugby! (The Most Delicious Reason)

Here we are looking at pics of sexy naked straight Rugby players in this damned blog. But imagine yourself among them, showering with them, ribbing with them naked, your cocks slapping together as you wrestle on the shower floor, then you slip and you land on your face on David Williams' cock one day, then you slip again & purchase balance by holding on to Olly Barkely's balls the next day. They'll just laugh, just among straight boys, after all. Heaven, don't you think?
No wonder 99.99999% of gay Rugby players don't bother outing themselves. Among many practical reasons of course. But the most delicious reason is this one. Simple common sense really. You're already in Heaven, why bother announcing you're gay & destroy the fun?
Well, I won't either, beats writing a blog. Imagine living Dieux du Stade every shower & down time while we ordinary mortals make do with a DVD which won't show enough. For young gay Rugby players, what greater perk do they need to scramble for the ball? Can role models beat this?
Life dealt you a blow, but it gave you a shower, bro, enjoy it!

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Now let's look at the down time of young straight college Rugby players in England.


  1. This blog has a core of readers who usually email their opinions, but times have changed, there are days when 10,000 readers visit us, suddenly the COMMENT section is clogged by kilometric propaganda, most of which of the tired kind. I don't encourage people with political agendas, I'm definitely not asking opinions which one could have read in decade-old pamphlets anyway. I've deleted most, & I'll delete them again. If you don't agree, you shouldn't be here. Save your bullshit elsewhere.

  2. ooh look at all these budding porn stars...

    go on delete this comment.. i won't be back lol

  3. I can imagine the fun in the showers of Soccer must really be very much YUMMIER than Rugby, no soccer player has ever come out yet LOL