Wednesday, June 23, 2010

GIORGIOS SAMARAS of GREECE: The Most Beautiful Player in the World Cup 2010

He's almost an apparition on the soccer field. You're casually watching this game then suddenly you take a deep breath: Who was that? He's almost too beautiful to belong there. As if a mythical Greek prince was asked to do his afternoon jogging in the middle of a game. He cuts a lean figure from a distance but go up close & it's always pure joy to discover power bursting from every muscular movement. I've always been a sucker for such physical optical illusion. Certainly not the in your face wide shoulders & big hips of ruggers that we love, but the impact is no less testosterone-laden. I rather think the overlay of bated anticipation makes it more delicious in the end. Alas, he's hidden in the Scottish Premier League, our Greek prince plays for Celtic. British Cosmo should try recruiting centerfolds outside of England. This one we must see naked. I don't usually post without at least an underwear garter showing (the least of my fetishes) but Giorgios is simply too beautiful to pass up. I've patiently watched Greece's games to take a glimpse but now that his country was eliminated, these images will do while we're waiting for the big things he may yet show in the future.

I can't bear to think the ancient Olympians who competed naked, looked like him. I'm almost envious of Plato, Socrates & the rest of their antique gang.

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