Wednesday, June 2, 2010

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: Gods of Stadium Coffee Table Book

Well, I didn't like the Calendar photos of Tony Duran but I forgive him. We're all for helping the guys who give us what we want. Besides, they don't look as "tidied up" as the calendar photos. I wasn't planning to buy his coffee table book but now, I will. Here's why (I got them from the Allaboutstrength blog, the pics bear the original names from that site. Danke, Oliver!)

Evans Brothers

with pulled up foreskin
James Haskell

Olly Barkely

Henri-Pierre Vermis
Benoit Bouzakhri(?) or still Alexis Driollet (?)

Hey, how about releasing a new DVD?

The standards have been set on a higher level now. I hope they'll push the envelope more for the 2011 version. No turning back now, folks! Exciting times are definitely ahead!!

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