Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DICKS OF WORLD CUP: Luca Toni of Italy

It's one of the ironies of life. Italy is considered one of the so-called least gender-sensitive countries of Europe, effeminate gays are regularly beaten on the streets, but it's one of the easiest countries to solicit a straight guy for sex. That Italian straight guys are the most delicious in the world I've proven many times. The clear social primacy of the heterosexual male makes it easier for one to experiment without the fear of being stigmatized as gay. The attitude is, anyway, he's gay, let him think what he wants as long as I benefit from the transaction. So they do play, mostly with normal-looking contacts who won't create a scandal if ever seen with them in the streets. In countries where the people are more sensitive to gender issues, the demarcation lines between sexual orientations are more marked & unfortunately, discourage crossing lines. Guys in the Netherlands would tend to say they are not gay when propositioned as if it's in the DNA of gays that they're only for gays. Surrendering sexual orientation boundaries not only means more expense (everybody has a price, goes the American line) but being forced to content yourself with doing it only with gays, an unpalatable option to one accustomed to fine dining with a straight man. An Italian ragazzo tends to puff up with all kinds of admiration, no matter the sex of the admirers, so there's a bigger room for transaction. Theoretically, he's the bully but he's not an exclusivist bully. As long as his being a straight man isn't questioned, successful transactions aren't hard to come by. I don't question a straight man, I suck his cock.
Looking at the explicit pics of Luca Toni makes me reminisce of some very delicious straight Italian boys.
UPDATE: I was just advised there were three cases of published harassment on gays in the Netherlands, supposed to be the most gender-sensitive country in Europe, this month, the last one in Utrecht just this week. It was more than the two published in Italy in the same time period: one in Rome, the other in Padova.

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