Sunday, May 30, 2010

RUGBY CLOSET: Gayfree Cardiff Blues Are European Champions!

The Cardiff Blues won the 2010 Amlin Cup, beating Toulon of France, 28-21, in the latter's homegrounds. I don't know if this is relevant, but the Cardiff Blues is the old team of the outed gay Rugby player, Gareth Thomas, who was released a few months before his contract expires this month, the very month the Blues became champions. Dai Young, the Blues' manager, extolled profusely the great ability & popularity of Thomas but he let go of the latter before the Championship & they won shortly afterwards. The first time a Welsh Rugby team won a European championship. Does Dai Young know something that he's not saying?

Many may want to know if the prescence of outed homosexual players has any deleterious effects on a team- the other players hurrying to change into uniform before a game, then hurrying their showers to leave as quickly as possible afterwards, the suddenly uneasy bonding, the suddenly unnatural camaraderie, the suddenly disrupted team esprit de corps- what is the effect on the morale of a team? Is sexual politics outside the playing field unnecessarily damaging something which we really want irregardless of sexual orientation- a good game?

Is coming-out even relevant? Why should the world know a player is gay? He's there to play, not as gay, not as hetero. What's his sexuality got to do with his game?

If you come out, is it right to insist respect for your sexual orientation when you don't respect their sexual orientation by imposing your naked self in the unwelcoming shower room of a team? If you have a right, what about their rights? Equality? It's easy to see it doesn't wash equating this with racial equality because nobody is feeling used when there is racial equality. You don't respect the fact that your hetero teammates do feel used because of your sexual orientation? How about you having your own shower room? Would you trade however not seeing David Williams' cock after every game to cheers in a Gay Pride parade? Of course, you wouldn't, gays are no saints & you're already in heaven. So what's all the fuss about coming out? What's the private life of a professional player got to do with a game?
Does being gay exempt one from being fair?

Perhaps these questions should be asked by non-heterosexual sectors because there's a big possibility that mindless headlong battle for supposed rights may inject sexual politics where they don't belong & destroy something everybody with a right mind wants- a Championship game.


  1. Mostly fems are asking for coming-out thinking they become "normalized" when more butch gays come out. Daydreamers really. How can they ever be normalized when just talking give them away? I havent seen a fem Rugby player. Butch gays may gain acceptance later but fems, I think it's forever. There's the catch, most visible gays are fems. So how can gays be ever accepted if fems don't stay out of the picture?They drag progress. Butch gays should start distancing themselves from fems

  2. Oh pur-lease. This is tabloidy trash. Didn't GT help Cardiff Blues on their way to the finals? And what about all the matches he won with Wales? To blame failure on one gay team mate seems like the definition of scapegoating.

    And even if his team mates were worried about being looked at in the changing rooms (which I think is unlikely), they would need to grow up and realize that a gay team mate is not going to just look at their dicks all the time.

    It's important to have gay role models in sport as many gay people avoid competing or going professional precisely because of these outdated, old-fashioned and prejudiced ideas. Think of all the talent that has been wasted.

    And don't get me started on the ancient butch/fem thing. It is a load of cobblers. Being a 'visible' gay has probably done more for gay rights than standing around pretending to be straight.

    P.S. - I really like your blog btw, but this kind of thing gets me riled! I do like a bit of debate.

  3. My advice is reread the blog again, you inadvertedly or otherwise missed the point. What you wrote was just a rehash of arguments that could be read in other websites, arguments which I think have seen better days (pardon the frankness).They've been used for years to exhort coming outs but has there been a deluge after all those decades? Or is it really against common sense which fortunately is possesed by gay players who thought it wiser to concentrate on being rugby players & their being gay isn't an issue? Are the arguments still valid if they aren't effective? Or just wishful thinking & mistaking the noise in the gay ghettos for progress? I take issue with what you said that gay players "are unlikely" to look at the showers? Really! Why are you here in this blog? To look at pictures of naked athletes right? What makes naked rugby players not look at a lineup of big dicks in the showers? They are saints or any of those special people just beacuse they're gay? Is it less repulsive if they look once, twice, one-half or one-fourth?

    Btw, are the straights "outdated, old-fashioned, prejudiced" because they can see your erection?

    Thanks for reading the blog, enjoy the dicks of David Williams & THom Evans

  4. I totally accept that having a single gay person in an otherwise straight sports team may change the dynamic. But your article, to my mind, suggested that this hampered the Cardiff Blues. That is one way to look at the situation, though I think it is a profoundly negative viewpoint. Again, I accept that this does not make it untrue or possibly true.

    As for the issue of voyeurism being 'unfair' which I suppose is at the heart of this particular issue, what about straight men looking at each others' genitals? What about bi-curious? Don't you think a single gay player is less likely to be staring at his team mates' appendages precisely because he wouldn't want to make them uncomfortable? I think the idea of GT or someone else sitting back in the changing room and gawping at some back-row's massive tool is actually laughable! This is not how someone in that position would behave.

    As for the issue of privacy regarding sexuality: in most societies being gay is still something of an issue. In England, where I live, homosexuality is completely legal, though many (probably most) still refrain from being openly homosexual publicly. Having role models (ie Gay people in the public eye who have publicly commented on their homosexuality) is important and part of the process towards a better understanding and acceptance of homosexuality. If no gay person stood up to be counted then the gay movement would be stuck back in the fifties when homosexuals were frightened of their own shadows.

    Even if my points are a 'rehash' that does not necessarily mean they are invalid.

    When you say 'deluge of comings out' do you mean in sport or in society at large? Because in the UK, actually, since the nineties there are far more 'out' people in society and in the public eye. Team sports are still rather 'straight' and behind the rest of society in this respect, perhaps because of this voyeurism issue and not wanting to make an issue out of something like nudity. GT and Justin Fashanu are the only two male team players I know of who came out whilst still playing. A deluge is probably less likely to happen in team sports precisely because gay people are put off initially from taking part. Perhaps because there are no gay role models. Well, now we have one at least in GT! Who knows what the future holds?

    Anyway, sorry this has been such a long counter-reply. Your initial article is really thought-provoking. And where is David Williams' cock?!! ;)

  5. Actually this post isn't a one-time thing. As you can see, there's a RUGBY CLOSET folder in the index, it's the first of the articles & I got ideas from this exchange on what to write about next time.It's hard to expand discussions in the comments section because of the inherent limited space. I have three other folders dedicated to gay-straight interactions, be it in sports or not: 1) HUNTING STRAIGHT BOYS 2) CLOSE CONDITIONS- locker room stories about the adventures of a gay player in the shower room 3) a pictorial accounts of homo-erotic adventures between rugby players. I'm still mulling what to name the folder, the first post will appear next week. I don't want to make this a political blog so I space them at appropriate intervals. But I'll continue writing articles because I find my traffic jumps more when I write them. People need fresh outlook & I guess my views is as fresh as they can get in this environment. A reader who turned out to be a book executive actually offered if I can make Rugby Closet into a book. I c2c with him yesterday (not sexually) but I didn't commit. I barely have time but I'll decide when I've written 10 articles already.