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NOTE: My external hard drive, my digital library, where the photos of the sportsmen were stored, has crashed so I won't be posting photos for a while. I have backups in hundreds of CD's & DVD's but the labels are so disorganized I'm still sorting things out. I'll just publish some of the semi-scientific essays I've written on the fly.




A regular straight guy purely chat camshow is almost a standup comedy. A straight guy chatting for hours with mostly gays day in, day out taxes too much credulity it's rolickingly funny. It's the ideal of the gay set-a cool guy- but if you know your straight man, you know the improbability is rather too high even in tolerant countries. They'd rather you suck them than spend long hours in gay flirting talk which is what chats in free livecams are really about. In the site I patronize, the 4 regular straight guy chatters I checked aren't straight. Of the four regulars, three, Top__, SupS___ & Jonn__T___ may look butch but could easily be written off as not straight. Besides, they're not really appealing enough to waste time on. That some could buy the fictions (or find them attractive) is proof that the crowd include bottomdwellers (free after all). Very democratic, true. The fourth one, Tori7269, is actually too good-looking for the site, I'll discuss him separately below.

A straight guy spending hours chatting, & mostly flirting, with gays & fake girls are natural targets of speculation. He must know he's mostly jamming it up with gays & fake girls while he shows his boxers & teases with his dick. It's a low-intensity flirting game, but it's still flirting. The usual excuse is to flirt in order to attract viewers. The cyber equivalent of the casting couch- I'll flirt with you as long as you give me my 3 hours of celebrity to spice up my ho-hum existence.
Only harmless chatting to pass the time? Demonstration of high threshhold for nausea? A mere social consciousness-raising exercise or just to establish his social justice creds? A cool thing to do? Desperate search for reaffirmation from anybody willing including gays if he can't find it anyplace else? A cry for help? Where is sexuality in all of these when its the forces of sexuality which are at work & are being exploited for a sustained period of time, many times a week for months on end? Aha, there goes the rub. The psychosexualdynamics is so smelly what is usually true is the most obvious.

I was hoping I was wrong with the fourth one, a 24 year-old Canadian. Instead, I witnessed the first electronic outing ever. A friend who saw his show last week recommended him to me because he plays hockey, I can feature him in the blog or even offer him career options in the US. That was how highly he was built up to me. So I watched him but alarms sounded almost immediately. I read the comments in his profile page. Mostly gays giving their msn to him for c2c. A comment by a very rare girl caught my eye: she said many times same question was asked but he always answered the boy. A straight boy flirting though only chatting would have had his radar tuned in to the rare girl right? Magnetic forces of opposite poles, the law of heterosexual attraction. Wasn't he expecting or wishing there was at least one girl there watching all along? My secretary Slu AKA Farrah, as expected, has a virtual encyclopedic knowledge of what went on in the livecam world. Many girls are already aware of the prevalence of fake straights in the site so they exchange info to learn who to avoid. They are a mini-CIA. They deploy their gay friends to test the guys. Everybody has his own conquest story for bragging rights so c2c info is open book complete with videos as proofs. With our Canadian, there was a pile of incriminating pieces of evidence uncovered like watching other male nude cams 41 times (they stopped montoring him at that number, there was enough electronic prima facie evidence). That was long even before his profile page became a bloody real-time timeline of his outing. I didn't get to watch it but as my friend recounted it, his show yesterday was his act of surrender- he was vigorously pursued by another "straight" chatter (Jonn__T___) who was doing a show at the same time but entered his chat, the latter throwing any pretense, clearly smelling blood from the buzz of the outing & bent on conquering him (he'll most probably just insist he's straight the next time he shows to the bottomdwellers). There's talk of a hacked c2c between two men but I won't go there anymore- the other guy was muscular but too queeny in a cheap way, icky combination (My friend said good choice so he may not find the experience pleasant & forget about being gay). But in a way, I'm happy for him, he's home free. I have a feeling he held back until it became pointless, forced by a very public outing. In the end, it was a lifted burden. That he has a poor taste in men is a sign- shows how low his self-worth has become. The biggest motivational force in straight guy chat livecams? Sexual liberation!

Just like any product in the market, the livecam sites should be required honest content label disclosures on their cam shows. When they label a guy straight, he should be straight. A girl could waste hours watching what he thought was a heterosexual guy. A girl is hurt not because the guy is gay but that she was duped. Unfaithful advertising is never fair even in livecams.

Almost a comedy at times, but looking for a true straight guy in livecam takes work- but fun & ultimately delicious when you find the right one.

UPDATE: The reason I didn't use their full usernames was because I didn't want to give more promotion than necessary to the charlatans of livecam. However, a reader from Toronto York University asked us to so I'm relenting on Tori7269. Tori came to the site to discover himself & he did. But he's a cut above the rest of the fake bunch.
The above post was just to highlight electronic outing. There were other pieces of evidence but no need to enumerate everything. It may surprise many but times have changed, no need to wait for coming out confessions, electronic data is enough direct evidence. The usual defense is they left before the cammer whipped out his dick. No, they didn't, they were watching when the guy came, the investigators made sure of that. I myself made sure of that because I just chanced upon a culprit just the other night. We watched the same shows, we left at the same time.

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