Monday, May 17, 2010


NOTE: My external hard drive, my digital library, where the photos of the sportsmen were stored, has crashed so I won't be posting photos for a while. I have backups in hundreds of CD's & DVD's but the labels are so disorganized I'm still sorting things out. I'll just publish some of the semi-scientific essays I've written on the fly.

Part 1

Having sex with a straight guy is like fine dining- there are little ceremonies before partaking it in a 3-Michelin star restaurant. You pick the right address, the cook tests the right ingredients. There are little ceremonies needed to enjoy fully a straight man- make sure you pick the right one, that he really is what he's supposed to be, with the right ingredients. That may take extra mileage but you'll taste a fine meal indeed. Now to the question at hand- are the so-called straight guy cammers fit for fine dining?

When you have sex with a straight man, the initial stimulation comes from porn or a girl. It will be up to you to sustain it until he comes. You may infer the same mechanism is operative on straight guys who do shows jacking off before their cams. I find that a too simplistic analogy. While the guy you're sucking only has to get over the initial crest of sexual stimulation & it's over, the cammer has to sustain it for hours (what they call edging), with or without interruption with chats with the mostly gay audience. I give the benefit of the doubt with those who edge without interactions but I hold off with those who do. For the latter, it's obvious they need to restart stimulation again & again, & that fact itself give you pause- how do they do it? Why do they do it? Slu, my secretary, tested the latter group- of the 10 cammers, 6 didn't bother to heed her though she broadcasted her face- a 22 year-old Farrah Fawcett look-alike; 4 were bi, they liked her, but they also liked the driver, a 25 year-old Chris Evans-clone. The first 6, not surprisingly, liked the driver.

As to the edgers without interaction, 100% liked "Farrah", all snubbed "Chris", some even cursed him with expletives-You faggot!.

The obvious conclusion: The less the cammer interacts with the gays in the audience while he is edging, the more likely he is heterosexual.

I totally liked this little pseudo-scientific study I called it "The Farrah-Chris" Experiment. Of course, I'm the financier because they do it during work hours using my computers & my computer connection. I also get to benefit, may I add.

To be continued- Part 3 (about straight guys who only do chat shows )

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