Monday, May 10, 2010


NOTE: My external hard drive, my digital library, where the photos of the sportsmen were stored, has crashed so I won't be posting photos for a while. I have backups in hundreds of CD's & DVD's but the labels are so disorganized I'm still sorting things out. I'll just publish some of the semi-scientific essays I've written on the fly.

I usually unwind watching livecams of straight guys every now and then. I look for straight guys completely absorbed jacking off, completely ignoring the mostly gay crowd while looking for a girl to c2c with. I then ask my secretary (a self-admitted slut who introduced me to livecams) to message him for a c2c so we could check if he's really into girls. If she has connected but doubts he may be bi, she calls my horny handsome driver, they pretend they are a couple but leave the cam on the driver's enormous erection. If the john still furiously masturbates, he's out. It's only when filtered that I can fully enjoy a straight man livecam. More often than not, she has already checked the guys. She said she does 5 c2c's with straight guys everyday (I told you, a slut, I call her Slu). When I see a cam I like, I just call Slu to check, & more often than not, she knows. Somehow, women play a a major role before I can be fully turned on by a man. They are my Genuineness Certification Instrument- like that in a shoe made of genuine leather, a genuine diamond, why not a genuine man? Strict quality control even in sexual games.

Live cams of men are marketed as gayporn. Understandably. It readily attracts gays eager for a free chance to enjoy the expensive & forbidden. But surprisingly, lopsidedly fewer women patronize these sites compared to gays. I personally check the Users' List of every cam I watch, I estimate 97-100% gay audience, depending on who's doing the shows. I practically recognize the fake girls because they flit from cams to cams without really guarding their identities. So what about the straight guys sharing their most intimate sexual activity to a mostly gay crowd? I could understand a horny guy eager to find a girl for him to cum on. The sea of invisible horny eyes is just what he needs as exhibitionism platform. Because he's looking for a girl, they are all female eyes to him. He uses the unseen multitude as the media to connect with the female targetted by his heterosexual lust. Exhibitionism renders an intensified experience to the routinary mating game. But the big question is, how many are really looking for just a girl? The real situation is just a reflection of what goes on in the real world- some don't tell the whole truth. As my secretary said, 50% of the self-labeled straight men (SLSM) are fake (not into girls at all, looking for jo buddies) while 70% of the self-labeled straight men who are into girls are bi- she could leave the cam on the driver's hardon & the john will just jack-off until he cums. She wants her men 100% hetero. Just like her boss.

There are many kinds of shows. Some just appear when they are down & needs attention (almost the most powerful motivating force for the cam shows). A really handsome 21 year old Toronto student (Zizu33) jacked off once after he broke off with his girlfriend. The live cam was a ready oulet to let go. But he never returned. What about those who return regularly, almost everyday? What's the role of sexuality in this long-running search for attention via sexual cyber shows? There are those who jack off while engaging in chats, laughing with the teases of the gays while they are fondling their hardons. Some call out to women for c2c which are expectedly nowhere but would just laugh that only gays are watching them so they just soldier on masturbating their dicks, all the time glisteningly stiff & dripping with precum. Girls play a minor, if any, role with these guys. What maintains their erections for 2-3 hours in the overwhelming prescence of a supposedly normally negative stimuli? Can the intensity of the exhibitionism experience really nullify the biological sexuality processes at work that normally inert stimuli could be nonreletentingly stimulating? Were the sexual force of 100 gay eyes virtually transformed into a normal stimuli? Are they responding to a different psyscho-physio-sexual pathway, or are they really gays in denial?

(to be continued, Part2)

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