Monday, May 3, 2010


I am speechless. It started as isolated emails but lately it filled up pages in my account. Suggestions, recommendations, mostly questions, all about hunting straight guys. With this article, I actually stumbled on an unserved need. But no, I don't have plans of converting this blog into a Dear Abby-type advise column. I barely have time to write articles, much less to reply to emails. I have to remind you this is a blog primarily about naked sportsmen preferably showing their cocks.

Sample of the emails:
1. Maurice, Istanbul
... Why don't you try Athens, the guys are as sexy as the Italians and they are about to go bankrupt. It must be a paradise these days...
Lol! I don't speak Greek yet. I like to hunt in the local language, greater for rapport. I already speak 7 languages fluently (English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) and I can manage Afrikaans which is related to Dutch so I hunt in those countries where they are spoken. But the crisis is foreseen to last 5-10 years, I may learn Greek yet. Though may I add,
it's really a bit callous but it's really hard to avoid associating economic crisis from the ready availability of straight men. The mysterious ways of life.

2. Arthur, Jeddah
... Don't believe Arabs kill gays. The Arab countries are the true paradise for lovers of straight men because Arab men primarily love fucking ass, no matter the gender. They start fucking boys, so the boys grow up thinking it's normal fucking men. What better arrangement in paradise than that? Contrary to anti-Arab propaganda, they don't ban gays, they just want them not to flaunt in public. Frankly I prefer getting fucked by a handsome Arab than watching old queens in tutu in Gay Pride parades in New York. We can do without the eyesores. And it's all free, no need to pay them to fuck you. They hunt you, no need to hunt them...
Hmm, I actually know that. Some say it came from the Greeks who colonized the area, aggravated by the strict prohibition on women after Islam was introduced. I have a closet gay friend who went to work in Saudi Arabia 5 years ago and never looked back. Riyadh is the world capital of gay sex among knowledgeable quarters. Just do it behind close doors, anything goes. The definitions in the West simply don't apply. Btw, the language I'm currently learning is Arabic.

Random Question
... my age...
I'm only 29 years old, I started hunting when I was 22.

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