Thursday, May 27, 2010

GODS OF RUGBY: Andrew Welsh of Essendon Bombers, AFL

Aussies are my third biggest readers (12%), behind the Americans (37%) and the British (25%), but in proportion to the national population of each, they are the most represented- in fact, I can say, among the most avid straight athlete lovers. They also send a lot of emails & some became my friends. I can still remember, my first 1000 readers were Aussies, the 1001st was French. Probably it's time to return the spotlight Down Under. Andrew Welsh is very popular among AFL fans in Australia, he was featured in the last Gods of Football nudity-for -charity campaign but he was neglected in the promo which were focused mainly on David Williams & Nick Youngquest. Vindication time: I have a confession to make. He & Michael Witt were actually the ones who left the most lasting impression on me. Their next-door appeal packaged in tough Rugby personas just drew me in. Up to now.

The video from Gods of Football:

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