Thursday, May 20, 2010

GODS OF CALCIO: Italian 2010 World Cup Team

I was on vacation when they released the pictures. Well, I can't let them pass without a word.

Steffano Gabbana is marrying a female English model. Yes, the gay designer will be taking a wife. It was news in Europe but it was understandably snubbed in the American fag press who can't seem to believe that instead of increasing their arguments for Gay Marriage, one, a prominent One at that, got away. Apparently, the incredible luck of the half of the Italian duo brought a sudden resurrection of decomposed hopes that, most likely, as a result, the other D & G fags may have been busy praying for their own salvation & hard at work electrically stimulating themselves over images of sexy women, that they neglected their recent beefcake campaign. I wasn't impressed at all with the lineup of calciatori they chose for the 2010 Underwear Campaign. Curious because Italy has a surplus of sexy professional players in Serie A & Serie B
that it boggles the mind how they missed the really sexy from the plain. Sad because I thought only two players deserved to be there. The rest were simply too ordinary & flat, they look like street gigolos of Via Veneto which you could have for 50 Euros. I guess this only means one thing: while the last time members of the Italian Nationale posed for D & G, Italy won the World Cup (Luck, if you don't know, is one of us, lover of naked sportsmen), this time it won't (Luck's nose is up in the air). The defending champions won't be champions anymore in the forthcoming World Cup in South Africa because Luck wasn't made horny enough & is sulking.


  1. Stefano Gabbana in NOT marrying a female English model. It was an April Fool's Day joke!!

  2. Nope, it's true he's marrying a FEMALE model.If you can read Italian, there are interviews with him. You can also refer to British newspapers.

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  4. NO, it's not true! His interview with British newspaper "Daily Mail" was an April Fool's Day joke.We Italians are still laughing at it....
    The same day, 1st April, Rocco Siffredi, the famous pornstar, came out as gay!HAHAHAHA

  5. I was in Milan that time. Nobody was laughing about a joke & it's even mentioned by the blogger of D&G