Wednesday, May 19, 2010

GODS OF ATHLETICS: Ivan Scannell of Australia

Ivan had a sport scholarship when he studied at Sydney's McQuarrie University. He now sets his eyes on a slot in the Australian track team to the 2012 London Olympics. Meanwhile, he's making hay in his modelling career, cresting the wave created by his winning of the 2006 Supermodel of the Year in Australia. His spectacular physique has been photographed in varying degrees of nudity, gracing the pages of a few gay magazines in Australia & Europe. If not for an impertinent rope, we would have seen it all. But there's hope. There are still many gay mags left waiting for him & his cock to pose together for. Before the last mag pictorial, the only parts we haven't seen were the asscracks & the cock. In the May 2010 AXN photoset, we've seen the voluptuous ass cheeks. I'm sure we know what's next.

UPDATE: I received an email alleging this one is gay & is seen mostly with a boyfriend. I really don't know him, but since this blog is only for straight guys, I'll delete him as demanded if he turns out to be gay but I have to confirm it first. I've seen his pics only in gay magazines & as far as I know, he's mostly posing in skimpy undies before gay photographers lately. Let's see first, to be fair. Just don't jack-off over him yet while there's no go-signal to avoid recriminations later.


  1. You're losing your touch.You shouldn't feature fashion models even if they have athletic backgrounds. Most are closet cases, especially if they only appear in gay magazines & not in big commmercial campaigns. My gayradar is screaming with this one. Perahaps yours is defective

  2. Oh what a slut! Look at how he positions his ass in 2nd to last photo, I'm sure he's a bottom. He models for 2(x)ist which also uses gayporn stars as models. I bet this one will do gayporn in no time. I can't wait to see the queen eat cum & take in 2 gigantic cocks in the ass at the same time. Oh my, about time Oz has a DP queen! Oh la la!

  3. I think the last comment went out of bounds. I won't delete it but I'm closing comments for the post. We may use lockerroom irreverence but I won't tolerate actual denigration of anybody's reputation using assumptions as facts. Mr. Scannell is building a career & let's not pretend we're privy to his plans. I actually discourage comments in this blog. Just email me. The blog email is attended to by an assistant who forward worthy emails to my personal email. He filters senseless emails, like the comment above.